Why don’t we care enough about Climate Change?

by | 6 Apr 2023

Why don’t we care enough about Climate Change?…

Climate change isn’t new, it hasn’t just been sprung on us, but we aren’t taking as much notice of it as we really should be.

So often many of us don’t really seem to care very much about what climate change is, what is happening, why it is happening, or why we need to take action to stop it.

And this is baffling! So why don’t we care enough about climate change?

In a previous blog we’ve looked at the question “what is the point in being greener?” and tried to understand where this question stems from when people ask it, but in today’s blog we are trying to answer our own question why don’t we care enough about climate change?

And when we start really thinking about this question there seem to be multiple potential answers…

Could it be that we don’t really understand the science.

Could it be that we are only seeing, listening to, or being fed ‘incorrect’ or ‘distorted’ views or information.

Perhaps our own echo chambers don’t include climate science or discussion.

Perhaps many of us feel like there is nothing we can do as individuals.

Could it be that we don’t really see climate change or global warming to be a threat to us in the same way we see crime, violence, or disease.

Maybe it is because so many of us are lucky enough to live in a part of the world that currently appears ‘unaffected’ by climate change.

Maybe in our everyday convenient lives we are so far removed from the tangible impacts of climate change and global warming that it doesn’t seem real.

Maybe we think that by buying a few ‘greener’ items we have done our bit.

Could it be that ‘worrying’ about climate change is considered more socially acceptable than actually ‘doing’ something about climate change.

Or could it be the huge greenwashing propaganda machine of those profiting from the continuing destruction of the planet which ensure the HUGE global problem of climate change and global warming is downplayed and undermined as fake news.

By combining the above, a picture begins to emerge as to why we don’t care enough about climate change, and if you add to this the lack of climate change education the world over, and failing to listen to the science, you have a pretty good answer to why don’t we care enough about climate change.

Science is telling us there is a big climate problem! Scientists have been providing us with environmental red flags for years and years…

We need to listen to the science, not ignore it, we need to start educating ourselves, and we need to care more about climate change.

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