The Impact of Businesses…

by | 30 Mar 2023

The Impact of Businesses…

Every business has impact, this impact can be felt in many ways.

And every business is responsible (whether they know acknowledge it or not) for the impact they have.

In general, the impact most businesses have on planet and people is a negative not a positive one, HOWEVER, every business has the potential to change this and start having a positive impact.

Many businesses have pretty similar negative impacts which they need to work on in order to pivot them into positive ones, but the really exciting stuff happens when a business chooses what positive impact it wants to focus on. This is where the magic starts to happen, and this magic will be completely different for every business!

Ultimately all businesses need to reduce the negative impact they are having on planet (and people) down to zero, this can range from reducing their carbon footprint to improving the social and ethical impact of their supply chain.

Once a business has worked to turn around its negative impacts it can then focus on what is actually important to them, and what difference and positive impact they want to make to the world. And this will be different for every business!

For example, some businesses may want to focus on poverty, some on rewilding, some on education, and some on saving our oceans.

Each business needs to be very clear and specific about what positive impact it wants to make. This in turn will drive every single business activity to focus on this positive impact, and allow this thread to run through all decision making processes.

Identifying a clear positive impact within a business allows it to stand out and differ from its competitors.

So, what positive impact and difference will you choose? What is your business doing to make a positive difference to the world?

For help with reducing your negative impact and making postive impact as a business, get in touch, we offer bespoke ESG and Green packages for all your requirements.

For more green, sustainable tips and articles take a look at our other blog posts, or pop over to Instagram and LinkedIn and check out @achievinggreenness where we provide you with the motivation, evidence, and tools you may need to become greener.

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