New Year – Greener You!

by | 4 Jan 2023

“New Year – Greener You!”

Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely fun filled festive period. We are kicking things off for 2023 with our first blog of the year, ‘New Year – Greener You!’. 

As we find ourselves in the first week of January, it is very much ‘New Year Resolution’ time again for so many of us.

Whether you love a new year resolution, think they are a load of old rubbish, or are somewhere on the fence, you will no doubt be inundated with the usual ‘New Year, New You’ marketing campaigns from every angle, all trying to sell you something!

We aren’t ashamed to admit that we are also getting in on all this New Year action with our first blog of the year, HOWEVER, we aren’t trying to sell you anything, sign you up to a new gym membership you’ll never use, or a new diet fad that doesn’t work…

Instead we simply want you to commit to, and start taking action to becoming greener!

And it is a lot easier than you might think!

Whether you are looking to become greener in your business or your homelife, there are some simple actions you can commit to today which will help open your eyes, change your mindset, and get you making a difference.

New Year – Greener You!

Education is key here, the more you learn about the huge climate crisis we are facing the easier it is to do something! So give these 3 simple things a go this January:

1) – Start Watching – more factual programmes and documentaries which cover a wide range of environmental and climate issues.
There are so many fabulous films, documentaries, and tv programmes available to us these days, and watching a variety of climate and environmental focused examples is such a simple, consumable and effective way to learn more about the climate crisis.

2) – Start Reading –  a wider range of factual books, magazines, blogs, and newspapers, covering a wide range of environmental topics and issues.
The world is so open to us now in terms of books and media that we can learn just about anything if we put our mind to it! Set aside some time to read (or listen to) different perspectives on the huge climate crisis topic, you’ll be amazed at what you didn’t know!

3) – Start Questioning – don’t accept the ‘status quo’ or the ‘norm’ as ok, it isn’t ok. Remember, if you change nothing, nothing will change. We really cannot carry on as we are, running our businesses with no consideration or accountability of their environmental impact, or blindly going about our daily lives thinking the climate crisis is something that effects other people.

We need to stop and start questioning how we do things, why we do things, and who is ultimately benefiting from the things we do, so we can start to make changes for the better.

So there you have it, 3 very simple things to commit to and take action on to start becoming greener this new year – New Year – Greener You! 

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