Hi, my name is Alex and I’m the founder of Achieving Greenness, a green consultancy that helps you succeed on your environmental journey towards a greener and more sustainable business and sporting event.

Where it began

As a child I was always a nature lover with a passion for animals and the ocean. From a young age I spent countless hours beachcombing with my mum on family holidays, searching for shells and all manner of treasures and ‘jewels’.

I watched every wildlife documentary I could and dreamed of one day making my own.

All the way through my teens I was drawn to the sea and set myself a goal of travelling before university and becoming a scuba diver. After completing my first scuba diving certification on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, I immediately caught ‘the diving bug’ and continued to dive all over the world, qualifying as a scuba diving instructor a few years later.

My background

I continued to dream of becoming a wildlife documentary filmmaker.

But as life went on different opportunities and doors opened, and I realised, quite by accident, that I was pretty good at Risk and Compliance which opened up a completely different opportunity for me. So instead of filming animals in the wild, I spent many years as a senior leader in the financial services industry holding roles within Compliance, Operations, and Risk Management.

Enterprise risk has been the focus of my corporate job for a number of years now, which incorporated environmental risk and the impact of businesses both directly and indirectly on the environment as a whole. This coupled with my passion and energy for the natural world reignited my passion for a greener and more sustainable life.

My new vocation

When I look back on my 25 years of scuba diving around the world it is heartbreaking to realise that I’ve experienced first hand the damaging impact of humans on our oceans.  Coral bleaching, increasing sea temperatures, rising sea levels, overfishing, declining shark numbers, rubbish floating in our oceans, and the destruction of marine habitats to name a few. There is a big deterioration in the overall health and well being of our oceans and marine life which impacts our planet as a whole.

I realised there had to be more to why I was here, and there had to be more that I could do to help.

I quickly reassessed the way I was living. I reassessed my busy convenient family life as a wife and a working mum of two young kids, and I began to realise how our ‘normal’ everyday life was having a direct impact on the planet. I realised my kids may not have much of a world left to explore if we continue on our current path and I began to take back the power, understanding we are all accountable and we all have a role to play. It was at this point that Achieving Greenness was born and I understood the challenge was to act now and make the planet a better and greener space sooner rather than later.

This passion coupled with my operational, risk management, project management, strategy and compliance skills, means that I’m now doing my dream job helping businesses actually ‘give a sh*t’ about their own environmental impact, and repair and reverse the negative impact we’ve had on the planet.

I love helping businesses plan, strategise and implement their ESG Policies, Green Strategies, and Risk Frameworks, so that they can not only become market leaders, but they can do more for the planet now.

I love helping sporting events take on the challenge of becoming greener and more sustainable, and work towards becoming carbon neutral events.

I work with businesses and events whose core values align with my own, and who want to do more than just greenwash.

Our Core Values

Core Values are at the heart of Achieving Greenness

Integrity – we act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do

Conscious – we strive for a positive impact on the world around us for both people and planet

Green – we actively consider the planet and our environmental impact in everything we do for ourselves and our clients

Sustainability – our futures depend on the work we do today

Collaboration – we achieve more when we collaborate and work together

Daring to be different – we question old solutions and work with you to find better, different, greener solutions

Think of Achieving Greenness as your Chief Sustainability Officer. We do the leg work allowing you to concentrate on running your business, safe in the knowledge you are reducing your environmental impact and achieving greenness without costing the earth.

“We are at a unique stage in our history. Never before have we had such an awareness of what we are doing to the planet, and never before have we had the power to do something about that.”

David Attenborough

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