5 Simple Green Swaps to Make Today

by | 1 Dec 2022

“5 Simple Green Swaps”

In this blog we’re keeping things really simple and giving you 5 Simple Green Swaps you can start making today.

Yes, it is that easy!

Being Greener and more sustainable can often seem so hard when we are faced with so many things we ‘should’ be doing, changing, or thinking about. It is very easy for ‘not being as green as we could’ to turn into yet another thing for us to feel guilty about.

So, to help with some of the guilt and overwhelm, and show you how simple it really can be to make some changes for the better, we’ve done a quick brainstorm and come up with our list of really simple, achievable, green swaps which anyone can make today. Our list was pretty big so we’re breaking it down into more manageable chunks and just giving you 5 in this blog to start with!

Try to remember that simple small changes DO add up to make a big impact, and by making lots of simple green swaps you really can make a difference.

Pick at least one of these swaps each month and you’ll surprise yourself at how easy it is to start making a difference.

1 – Reusable Water Bottles – this has to be one of the easiest swaps we can make today. We can all commit to no longer buying plastic bottles of water.

Swapping from single use plastic bottles of water and instead refilling your own metal water bottles will immediately save you money. It will also help slow down the HUGE single use plastic waste stream.

And if you want to be even greener when buying your bottle, spend a little bit more and buy one which has been made in the UK so it has a lower carbon footprint.

2 – Reusable Coffee Cups – this swap is another super easy one to make today. We can all commit to no longer buying hot drinks in take away cups.

Swapping from single use cups to a reusable cup is a no brainer, and many coffee shops now offer discounts for customers using a reusable cup, so you can save yourself some money too.

If you forget to take your reusable cup with you, then instead of opting for a take away cup, choose to sit down for 15 minutes or so and enjoy your drink to ‘have in’ in a proper cup for a change. Good for the planet and good for the mind.

And remember, don’t be fooled by the ‘compostable’ cups on offer in some places, sadly this is a great bit of greenwashing by packaging companies as very rarely do the cups ever end up in a compost heap to decompose.

3 – Glass Bottles and Jarsthis swap is a more of a slow burn… but still very simple. As and when you run out of your favourite sauces, ketchup and spreads, take a look at what else is available on the shelf when you come to replace them, and opt for the versions in glass instead of plastic.

This swap may not seem like much, but if you take a look in your cupboards and fridge today, you’ll see an array of squeezy bottles including honey, ketchup, and mayonnaise. By replacing these items with glass alternatives you can easily start to reduce your plastic waste, and it is such a simple swap to make.

4 – Bars of Hand Soap – this is a swap to make when you use up the last of your handwash by the sink and need to replace it. Instead of buying yet another plastic bottle of handwash, try swapping to a simple bar of soap instead.

This is such an easy swap to make, and you generally wouldn’t think of it as we have all been conditioned into reaching for the plastic bottles of liquid handwash.

Liquid soaps generally have a lot more chemicals in them than bars of soap, so you’ll also be doing your skin a favour by swapping too. There are so many lovely handmade soaps on the market now that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

5 – Reusable Kitchen Cloths & Sponges – this may seem a bit of a random swap, but normal kitchen cloths and sponges are usually plastic and disposable, and we get through a lot of them in the UK. They all end up in landfill and will be there forever.

Try swapping to a reusable and machine washable alternative, made from natural materials, which will decompose in your compost bin. They will last a lot longer, saving you money in the long run, and you’ll be removing another plastic waste stream from your life.

So there you have it, 5 simple green swaps you can start making today.

Start taking some action now to become that little bit greener, it is that easy, it does add up, and it does make a difference.

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