3 Reasons Why Organization is Key to Being Green

by | 26 Jan 2023

3 Reasons Why Organization is Key to Being Green

We all know we should probably be more organized in many areas of our lives. We know it would help to reduce our stress, save us time, save us money, and generate a calmer energy all round. But, despite knowing this, we all use multiple reasons and excuses every single day to make ourselves feel better about not being organized.

We love to explain away why we might not have done something, and let’s be honest, being more organized is pretty hard to achieve! Old (unorganized) habits are hard to break, and it is so much easier to just continue on as we are, instead of breaking the old habits and making new (organized) ones…

Being Green is often seen by a lot of people as something that can be pretty hard to achieve, as well as difficult, time consuming, and costly. But, if you begin to take a more organized approach to Being Green, it suddenly becomes much easier, because organization is the key to being green

To be clear, we know that becoming organized isn’t easy. It takes work, often a lot of upfront work, before we can move onto the slightly easier task of maintaining the organization. This is true of both physical and mental organization, and in terms of work life as well as personal life.

In order to become more organized we need to commit to it, then really plan it into our lives, and then take action. Being Green becomes soooo much easier when you get organized!

If you still need a bit of convincing, here are 3 Reasons Why Organization is Key to Being Green:

1 – Green alternatives may take longer – it is true that choosing a more environmentally friendly option can sometimes take longer, and if we don’t organize ourselves to plan a longer, greener option into our day, we’ll inevitably fall back on the age old excuse of “I haven’t got time”, as we unconsciously choose the more ‘convenient’ and environmentally UNfriendly option.

Organizing our time better will allow us the time to start choosing the green alternatives that sometimes take longer.

2 – Clutter hides so much – in business, everyday life, AND in our minds. The more clutter we accumulate the more difficult it can be to see what we actually need, or want, or what really benefits us. It can seem so much easier to continue as we are, rather than take control and take action to declutter.

Being Green can often appear to be an overwhelming task and clutter really adds to this overwhelm. By removing the clutter we help to remove some of the overwhelm which then provides us with the physical and mental space to consciously choose the green option.

3 – Disorganization creates a ‘can’t do’ attitude and perspective – when we are faced with so much chaos in our everyday lives, often caused by our own disorganization, we are unable to see a way through or a way out of the disorganization. Even the simplest tasks seem unachievable and we develop a ‘can’t do’ attitude. The simplest green action, like choosing ketchup in a glass bottle instead of plastic when you next replace it, can seem too much!

We are creatures of habit and will continue to live in our own disorganization until we choose to break the habit and really commit to organizing ourselves. As we become more organized we begin to create a ‘can do’ attitude instead, which feeds into a can do perspective about Being Green.

So there you have it, our 3 very simple reasons why organization is key to Being Green. We’d love to know your thoughts on this so please get in touch.

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